I Look Like BAE

From the red carpet to your living room, healthy skin is something that we ALL care about. So, in Lab 011 we are diving into all things SKIN to talk about what our skin is made of and what we need to do to protect, rejuvenate, and maintain it. Zakiya takes us through the biology of the skin, its properties, and the effects of different chemicals on the skin. Titi fills us in on the chemistry and materials science behind the composition of different products.

It Was ALl A Dream

Titi and Zakiya take a trip down memory lane but... it seems like their recollections are VERY different! In this episode they dive into the psychology and sociology or memory and try to understand why their memories of the same thing are so different.

How NOT to get away with murder

In this lab we learn about the science behind direct to consumer genetic testing, what happens to that DNA after you upload it into genealogy databases , and how law enforcement uses that information.

It was all a dream

This week we took a brief tour of the endocrine system and zoomed in on testosterone. We want to know why this hormone is so important and how the IAAF is using it to determine whether or not women can compete in races