Lab 003 - Lie to Me

Hello, good witches!

What did you think of Lab 003?

We asked Iyamide House, National Board Certified Counselor and Executive Director of Sabanoh:

  • Why do people lie?

  • Is a white lie still a lie?

  • Why do we believe people even if we know they’re lying?

  • What happens in our brain when we lie?

  • When is it more than just lying and, instead, indicative of a bigger issue?

We had a lot of fun recording this episode, but one of the highlights was reading and listening to your stories about lies you’ve told. Remember, you can always leave us voicemails to be included in the next episode at 202 - 567 - 7028. You can also slide in our DMs @dopelabspodcast on Instagram or Twitter.

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And I can’t not recommend Lie to Me, a crime-drama tv show that follows the world’s leading deception expert (Tim Roth) as he studies facial expressions and body language to find the truth behind various lies. It’s not exactly scientific, but it’s a great Hulu or Amazon binge watch for the weekend.

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