Welcome to Semester 2! In this lab we are talking about the our apex predator …THE MOSQUITO! We all get bitten, but why? And how big is our risk of getting a mosquito born illness?? We find out in this lab.

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Titi ShodiyaComment

It’s the Semester Finale! And Titi & Zakiya would like to invite you to their virtual cookout. In this Lab, they dive into the science of taste, flavor, and neurogastronomy and serve it up right alongside the mac and cheese and potato salad (without raisins)

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Lab 008 - Fair Play

This week we took a brief tour of the endocrine system and zoomed in on testosterone. We want to know why this hormone is so important and how the IAAF is using it to determine whether or not women can compete in races.

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Zakiya WhatleyComment